Part 3:Unpacking Standards

By:Camiryn Arrington-Sherrod

This tackk is about part 3(three) of the unpacking unit 6:Hydrosphere

Unpacking part 3(three)-I think my part of the standards are talking about how the ocean has salt in it. It is talking about what photo synthesis has to do with it.It is also talking about what is in the ocean like algae.

Three Links:

Three Images

Got all these images from google. Shoutout to google for these great images.

In my opinion, this unit is relevant to my everyday life because the hydrosphere period we need water to survive.It was a part in my part about photosynthesis we also need that so we can breathe.

Five Questions:
1.How does the salt stay in the ocean?

2.Explain why we need photosynthesis to survive?

3.Compare and Contrast photsynthesis and the water cycle?

4.Explain why the undersea life needs the ocean food web?

5.Why is it important for us to have the hydrosphere?

3 people who powerpoint I chose.
Nys H.
Jaylen P.
Desmond B.

Nys:I like that he had his defintions right because that is very important.

I think that his speeling couldv'e been more on point because what if someone was copying it they wouldv'e got it down wrong.

About the microbes I learned the real defintion.

Jaylen P:I liked how all of his facts were accurate.

I think i shouldv'e been shorter so we couldv'e got the main idea faster.

On the first slide about the drinking water.

Desmond B:I liked how he labeled his pictures unlike the others did.

I think it couldv'e used harder test questions to challenge us.

I learned about his opinion in the 5th slide .

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