Even though I did not go very far from my home this summer, I did a lot of things that I enjoyed over the summer. I went to Kennywood a couple of times. I even went to some college fairs to look at the campuses. I built some exercise equipment, and since then I lost a ton of weight. What I mostly did was watch anime and play video games. I caught up on my favorite anime, Fair Tail, once school ended; and I've been currently watching Attack on Titan with my brother. I also been watching Sword Art Online II and Persona 4 the Golden Animation. Speaking of Persona, I have become a huge fan of the series. I already beaten Persona 4 Golden, and now I am playing Persona 3 FES. I am excited for the two games that are coming out this year, and I cannot wait to see what Persona 5 is going to be about.

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