Travel To Paris

By: Ian.M

                         These are my plans for my trip to Paris in France

                                                                BY: Ian.M

Questions and Answers

Q1: It is Champ de mars, in the city Paris inside the

Country France, in the continent Europe.

Q2: I will take the trip on June 1st 2015 and will

Stay for 1 week until June 8th 2015 during the summer.

Q3: I will be traveling alone and not with another being,

Because traveling alone will cost less than traveling with

Another person, but traveling alone will in my opinion

Will not be as exciting as with a friend.

Q4: I will stay at the hotel called Hotel Fabric,

I will then move to Hotel Champ de mars. Both of

Those hotels all together will cost a total of 1,693.00.

Q5: During the visit I will be visiting the Eiffel Tower

At champ de mars.

Q6: I will eat at the Epicure, Bistrotters and Cobea


Q7: Blank

Q8: Blank

Q9: other than chores. None because I will leave

during the summer .

Expense Chart

DATE            NAME                 TOTAL COST

6/1/2015     (AUS) Ticket         1,447.0

6/2/2015    Rented car            182 total/16 per day

6/2/15 - 6/12/15   breakfast    free w/hotel

6/2/15-6/12/15     Hotel Fabric     $ 572.50

6/2/15 - 6/12/15     Passport          $ 200.00

6/2/15 - 6/12/15     lunch               $ 433.85

6/2/15 - 6/12/15     Groceries        $ 157.23 +$25

Total Cost:                                    $ 3,017.58

Daily intinerary

Date               Time              PLAN OF ACTION                                                                               5/25/2015   2:30pm      Review my daily intinerary

6/2/2015      6:20am     Arrive at Paris,France, collect rented car

6/2/2015       7:00am      Arrive at Hotel Fabric and Check in

6/2/2015      8:00am - 2:30pm    Eat breakfest at the hotel and eat lunch at Les Papilles

6/3/2015      6:00pm         Eat lunch at the resturant La Mere Michele

6/9/2015     1:30pm           Drive to Champ de Mars = 20 minute drive from hotel

6/9/2015    2:00pm           Visit the Eiffel Tower

6/9/2015    4:30pm           Get back to the hotel

11-Jun         1:30pm            Drive to the CDG airport

6/11/2015  1:40pm            Arrive at the CDG airport and go inside

6/12/2015  10:35am         Arrive back at the AUS airport and go home.     

6/12/2015  10:55am        Arrive home safely  



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2 years ago

Pretty well planned.. How was the trip @sianmihari?