Jamaican Politics  

Portia Miller is the Jamaicans seventh Prime Minister. She is a member of the People National Party. She is Jamaica's current Prime Minister.

The Jamaican flag represents the resiliency of the people of Jamaica when faced with adversity. The golden cross stands for the abundant sunshine and wealth of minerals in Jamaica. The green triangles represent the agricultural prosperity and dream of Jamaica. The black triangular shapes represent hardships past and future that have and will be overcome.

Jamaican road to independence  

Jamaica was under Spanish rule from 1509-1655, British rule from 1655-1962, and gained independence on August 6, 1962. The first Spanish settlement was founded in 1509 near St Ann's Bay and named Seville. In 1534 the settlers moved to a new, healthier site, which they called Villa de la Vega, later the English renamed it Spanish Town when they conquered the island in 1655. This settlement served as the capital of both Spanish and English Jamaica from its foundation in 1534 until 1872, after which the capital was moved to Kingston. Once the British had control the Spanish resistance continued for some years, in some cases with the help of the Jamaican Maroons, but Spain never succeeded in retaking the island. Once independent Jamaica gained a degree of local political control in the mid-1940s. The Peoples National Party (PNP) was founded in 1938. Its main rival, the Jamaica Labor Party  (JLP) was established five years later. Jamaica now has a parliamentary system of government.