Sam Houston

Our texas hero

                                        Mexican -American war

Sam Houston helped our world by fighting in the Mexican-American war and he won freedom for texas from mexico . Texas would still be a part of Mexico if Sam Houston did not fight in the Mexican -American war.


Sam Houston had three wife's.  Sam Houston's wife's names were Tiana Houston , Margretha Houston and Eliza Houston.


In 1793 Sam Houston was born in Virginia,in 1812 he opens a private school,in 1829 he departs for the Indian Teritory,in 1832 he is accused of frod but it is cleared,in 1841 he begins his second term as president of texas,1863 he dies of pneumonia in a steamboat.

This statue was built in Huntsville,Texas to remember sam houston because he fought in the war for texas and won freedom for texas .

This is Sam Houston taking his first term as president of texas


Tiana Sam Houston's wife died a couple months after they got married.

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