Trace Cyrus

Hello, my name is Trace Cyrus and I am 26 years old. I live in Frankfort, Kentucky and it is September 1st, 1862 right now. My sister, Miley, is stationed in Vermont.  I have 1 kid and his name is Christopher, but we call him Chris.

September 2 1862

Day 1,

This morning I made myself breakfast,made my bed,feed my dog (artie),feed the horse

Tn the afternoon, I made dinner,washed the buggy,Washed all my clothes,and play with artie.

I made you guys clothes and are shipping you guys bread.

September 3 1862

Day 2

Dear, Miley

I hope all is well, we are doing good. We have feed the pigs and everything, we have heard you are in the battle of dry wood creek. I hope you did good. I have to go now

Love Trace.

September 4 1862

day 3,

I ate breakast,I helped with the cows,I mowed the lawn,and I brought food to he soliders,

Later that day I went to the bar and played darts,I helped the soliders horses, I built a confederate flag.

Day 4

Dear Trance

I have been shot during the battle of dry wood creek, I have been shot in the chest. We did win the battle but I have been badly wounded. I will probaly die. This will be the last letter you recieve from me, I want you to know I love you.

We are all in shock we are sad that we have lost him.

Day 5

Linclon has died, he has been shot. This is probaly the best thing that has happened to this country. Now the slaves can return. I hope everything goes back to normal.

Lincon Assasionated

The president DEAD!

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