A glimpse into the vocabulary of a man whose words stretched around the world.

Precocious-early-bloomer; having acquired certain skills earlier than you would assume

The newest child in the kindergarten class was known to the teachers to be precocious, since it had learned to write fluently before many of its classmates.  

Rapturous-showing/feeling immense happiness

Everything Rebecca did was rapturous, embraced by her refusal to accept the negativity in life beyond its necessity.

Anatomized-looked at and examined in very distinct detail

Each part of the unfamiliar face was anatomized by the student, attempting to synchronize the whispered name to the features.

Beatifying-to announce someone as religiously worthy, glorify

To beatify the prisoner would result in a mass uproar of the public.

Semblance-how something appears to be, tends to be different from the truth

Though nothing could necessarily stop Emily from leaving her family based on the semblance of the future, a lingering desire to wait one more day hung on her shoulders.

Gallantly-spectacular in character, noble

Surpassing the man who he once knew, Edward left gallantly without defacing the past friendship.

Sequestration-taking of one's property, often due to debt

If the bill is ignored any longer, sequestration of the cherished home on Lake Winnebago is inevitable.

Flambeau-large stick of candles with multiple sources for light

Scratching the cave, the hiker ignited his flambeau in hopes of finding a way out.

Stupor-being almost unconscious, mostly unaware

In a state of stupor, Malarie wouldn't be able to remember that it was in fact someone she knew who crashed into her car.

Subornation-encouraging someone to perform an illegal act

The use of subornation in politics concerns the general population.

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