Classic Computers

By: Nicole Fontane

I have learned so much in computers like typing web, power point, and word document , but Typing Web is my favorite.Typing is an essential part in life for a job, and just the future of technology. Typing helps you get a better job so you can support yourself and your family. With the technology these days you HAVE to know how to type.Computers aren't going to go away, and keyboards are a major component in interacting with others.

Typing web is a really good website because it teaches you how to type with typing tests that improve your skill, and a class scoreboard so you are updated with your typing progress. Typing web made me a much better typist for the future and now. The opportunity of a career decreases, unless you have a career that requires no communication skills. Typing allows us to better cope in a technical world based on communication skills through typing.

Typing Web also has games, but not just any games. Not just any games, typing games! Typing games help you type faster and efficiently in a fun way. I definitely recommend Typing Web. If you want to learn how to type, I can't think of a better website.


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