Why 97% Fail

You get ads in your email and online telling you that you can make money. They all look false to you and you've been taken in the past. Now you ignore everything.

Stop. It's time to weed out liars from truth tellers.
Weed out the truth from the lies. Examine them.

Start with this train of thought, "If it's free I might as well examine it".

Make sure you read what you're asked to read listen to what your being asked to listen to and watch what you're being asked to watch.

It takes 4 years to become a lawyer and even more to become a well payed lawyer. Every profession requires training. If you're being offered training to work online for commissions make sure as sure can be that you go through training as if there will be an exam.

Failure happens when someone expects something to be handed to them, when they give up after a day, a week or a month of working stressed with no real results yet have not done any training or listen closely enough or even worked a 20 hours withing the month.

The key here is to read, and listen and watch.