Control Room Video Walls – Features That You Must Have

Hardware purchase and installation can be a tricky affair if you don’t know what is best for you. And when the hardware in question involves buying something as cutting edge as control room video walls, chances are the purchaser will be utterly bamboozled with the choices available. The investment involved in the acquisition is sizeable which means that making a bad purchase is totally out of the question. What needs to be done is a full scale assessment of your display requirements and then taking a decision based upon that information gathered.

Still, there are some features that you MUST look for in the control room video wall system you are considering to buy. These basic elements will go a long way in ensuring that you get the most utility and effectiveness out of the device you are investing your money in. Here is a list of the most important aspects to look for in control room video walls.

First let us get the obvious out of the way. Control room video walls need to have the basic features that you would expect from any piece of hardware you ever buy, simplicity of use, dependability and low cost of ownership.

The next and most important feature to look for is high resolution imaging. The very purpose of these devices is to display every detail of the incoming images in high quality. They are usually installed and used for mission critical applications which mean that any detail missed can be fatal to the success of the project. Therefore, you need to ensure that nothing short of the best display features are available in the control room video wall system you are considering to buy.

The new age ultra-thin LCD displays are perfect for professional applications. There used to be a time when the thick bezels of these monitors used to be distracting and unsightly when an incoming image was enlarged onto the giant screen. But this problem has been effectively resolved in the newer LCD models.

There are various video wall selling companies out there that partner with their customers for their display needs. They help the device grow concurrently with the scale of operations of a particular user. These companies offer attractive packages to ensure that operations are never hindered because the hardware installed is unfit to handle that level of work

An integrated video processor and sound system should also be present to accentuate the effectiveness of the inputs being displayed on the screen. Other support peripherals and features can be touch screen panels, control systems, attached keyboards, mouse and the advanced control software required to manage all these.

The control room video wall should also be capable of accepting input from a variety of sources, including over the network, the web, cameras, individual computers, television and DVD player/recorders.

These are the basic features to look for in control room video walls. You can know more about them by visiting

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