By: Carmen Trestrail

Bullying is either one person or more being rude to either one or more person. They usually try to hurt feelings. They either say something to hurt their feelings, physical movement, or just try something to hurt them.

                      6 Facts..

     1. Over 3.2 million students are victims of bullying each year.

  1. Approximately 160,000 teens skip school every day because of bullying.
  2. 1 in 4 teachers see nothing wrong with bullying and will only intervene 4% of the time.
  3. . By age 14 less than 30% of boys and 40% of girls will talk to their peers about bullying.
  4. Boys tend to bully according to group, such as “athlete” versus “non-athlete.” Girls tend to bully according to social status, such as “popular” vs. “non-popular.”
  5. Children who are obese are more likely to be bullied. Additionally, overweight and obese girls are more likely to be physically bullied.

      How Does Bullying Happen?

This type of bullying can happen in many ways, using mobile phones or the internet and could include:

  • Sending hurtful messages or using images
  • Leaving voicemails
  • A series of silent calls
  • Creating a website about other people to humiliate them
  • Exclude them from chat/messenging rooms/
  • Sending video/images of people being bullied, so others can see

Bullies also may hate the way someone looks and they might bully that person for that reason. Sometimes bullying can happen because of maybe that kid had been called a "snitch" because of something they did so the bully comes and bullies the kid. There are all different kinds of reasons.

What Are Symptoms Of Bullying?

Signs that may indicate that a child may be being bullied include missing  belongings, unexplained injuries, and a limited number of friends. Symptoms  experienced by victims of bullying may be physical, emotional, and behavioral. Symptoms indicate that the person who is getting bullied feel a type of way, they have different feelings and emotions because they get bullied and don't like it. Their feelings get hurt and than they get emotional and don't feel comfortable, so then they have symptoms.

They can have all different types of symptoms or signs of bullying. It can be school related, it can be outside of school, at home, on the streets, with their parents, and more. A lot of people get symptoms because they get bullied.

Who Tries To Help People Who Are Bullied?

Some people who try to help those who are bullied can be classmates, teachers, parents, school concealers, school officers, principles and etc. Students know from the school know that they can go to school councilors for help, they can always talk to the teachers, they always have their their parents. School officers can help, assistant school principles.

Their are many people that can try to help students who is in a situation of getting bullied, only a responsible person or someone that you can trust should that student ask for help from. If they do not trust the person than the should go see/find another person to help them with their bullying problems so that person can try to solve their problem with being bullied. It all depends on who they would like to help them with being bullied.

Why Is It Important For People To Know?

It is important for other people around the world to know about my topic because bullying shouldn't happen in the world, everyone should know what bullying is. It hurts so many kids in the world by words, movements and just hatefulness.

Once people find out what bullying is they should help support what bullying is, either by saying people in the world shouldn't get bullied, making a foundation, helping those who are bullied, there are many different ways to help. It is important for EVERYONE to know about bullying.

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