Online Communication

Goal  :

1. Create a way for all students to be able to communicate with each other and teachers, but quicker than email and with more allowed functions (Group Messaging, Video Calls, Send documents, presentations, links, etc.)

2. Have students learn to use program properly and efficiently

3. Use a program that everyone could learn and are able to use, Skype for example, as it's already ready for download on all the Mac's and is free.

4. Give new students an easier way to communicate with teachers, help provide ways for Clubs or groups to communicate, allow for students who are absent or not in class a way to still receive the "learning" quickly and easily

What would need to be done :

1. Create tutorials for all students on the basic functions of whatever program is used

2. Make sure students understand the guidelines for using said program and understand the consequences if program is misused in any way

3. Make sure to explore all the different ways of using the program, and make sure all groups know what can be used

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