Career Research Project

By: Jonathan Rizzo
Computer Programmer

Computer Programming is no small feet. Computer Programmers are the guys behind the websites and all of the words that you see. You may think it looks easy. But is indeed difficult, because these letters or words that you see are actually a series of 0's and 1's. This is called binary code. If it interests you here is a link for some background.

Personal saying: "Give it your all and never look back". This is something my dad told me. And I am very much attached to those words now. I understand what it means more than ever. The message that is coming through to me is, if you focus on what is ahead of you, then you won't think twice and say," I don't know if I want to do this". That is what you should do is keep going for what you want. And NEVER look back.

This is a list of the binary code characters. Like I said 0's and 1's. This is a very useful list.

010010000110010101101100011011000110111100101110 Try and find out what I just said in binary using the list above. It may look long but it is something that we say every MORNING. That was a hint if you did not pick up on that.

Role Models? I don't have a real exact role model. But if I did have to pick a role model it would be my older brother. He went into Computer Engineering and Computer Programming after he graduated High School. I plan on doing Computer Programming. Not only does it allow me to work with something I like and very much enjoy, but I will also get to meet new people.

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