Walter Dean Myers

Monster Symbolism :

I think the symbolism in monster is reality because on a certain page he " lived " in the jail cell and he was looking in a scratched up mirror and to me i say that Steve is facing reality when he looks into the mirror .

Internal Conflicts :

The internal conflict so far in my story is how Steve thinks that he has failed his dad because he had never seen his dad cry before and for him to see his dad cry was crazy .

External Conflict :

He has to try not to get beat up because he is crying because if he is crying , it makes his an easy target when he is doing something .

Short Biography :

                Walter Dean Myers wrote the novel " Monster " that I am currently reading . Walter Dean Myers is kind of goofy when he writes things in the back of the book . Walter Dean Myers was born Walter Milton Myers on August 12, 1937 , in Martinsburg, West Virginia . Walter's mother , Mary Myers , died after the birth of his younger sister, Imogene . When his mother died his father , George , sent Walter to live with his first wife, Florence Dean . Walter Dean Myers died on July 1, 2014, following a brief illness . He was 76 years old . in a span over 45 years , Walter Dean Myers wrote over 100 books for children of all ages . He has won so many awards like Michael L. Printz , Coretta Scott King-Virginia Hamilton Award , Margaret A. Edwards and other things . He was the first person ever person to win the Michael L. Printz award for his books .

Favorite Junk Food : Potato Chips

Favorite Hobby / Sports : Basketball

Good Guy - Bad Guy : Superman - Captain Hook

Smell : Morning Coffee

Shoes : No shoes at all

Memory : Christmas at home

Holiday : Christmas anywhere

Book : Platero and I by Julian Jiminez

Cartoon : Donald Duck

TV : Court TV

Nappery : Bedroom


1. " You think we are going to win ? " ( page # 31 )

2. " I'm writing this whole thing down as a movie ." ( page 16 )

3. " I didn't say you threw it . I just said " Run ." You should have run . " ( page 43 )

Why the author wrote the novel :

Walter Dean Myers wrote the novel monster because he wanted to reach teens or young adults and get them off the bad things and see life in a different way I think . He tries to reach young adults through the books that he writes and stuff . Thats why I think he wrote monster .

10 Most Difficult Words :

1. Testimony : Law. to give testimony under oath or solemn affirmation, usually incourt. ( page 191 )

2. Jury : A group of persons sworn to render a verdict or true answer on a question or questions officially submitted to them.( page 188 )

3. Felony : An offense, as murder or burglary, of graver character than those called misdemeanors, especially those commonly punished in the imprisonment for more than a year.( page 186 )

4. Lesser Charge : Less then what the were charging you before . ( page 185 )

5. Sustained : To support, hold, or bear up from below; bear the weight of, as astructure.( page 181 )

6. Objection : A reason or argument offered in disagreement, opposition, refusal, or disapproval.( page 181 )

7. Manslaughter : The killing of a human being by another; homicide.( page 176 )

8. Prison : A building for the confinement of persons held while awaiting trial,persons sentenced after conviction, etc.( page 175 )

9. Identified : To recognize or establish as being a particular person or thing; verifythe identity of . ( page 171 )

10. Pretrial : A proceeding held by a judge, arbitrator, etc., before a trial to simplifythe issues of law and fact and stipulate certain matters between theparties, in order to expedite justice and curtail costs at the trial. ( page 169 )

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