Security methods for protecting IT systems and data

Physical control methods

Locked Access- This is where the content is ked and you need a password to access the content.

Key Card access- You need a Key card to access the content, this will make sure its all locked until you want to access it.

CCTV- this will physically monitor it your equipment,  to protect against thief's or vandals.

Security guards- They have security guards protecting the data and systems to protect against theft and vandalism.

Computer based methods

system backups- This allows you to create a system backup, so if you have any faults with your system you can back it up to a previous date.

Encryption-  This is the most effective way to achieve data security, to read a encrypted file, you must have the key or password to decrypt it.  

Firewall- This protects a network or system from unotharised users with a firewall.

Software patches and updates- This is software that either gets patched to update computer program or data, and update it to get the latest version of the software.

anti virus and anti spyware- Anti virus software is sometimes called anit malware, is it software that is used to prevent, find and remove dangerous software, spyware is a software that will disble your firewalls and anti virus software, this is very dangerous.

User id and password-  this is what you use to log on to your account assassiated with your user id and password, this gives you access to your account and stops other users going on your account.

Evaluation of access control methods used for protecting IT systems

Access control methods is a way of limiting access to a system or to a physical virtual resources, what this is, is a control where the user has  granted access and certain privileges. This depends on if you are a administrator or a user without being an admin. An admin has a lot of control in access control to resources, systems or information, however a user will be limited access, In a access control system, The user must enter their credentials before they get access. I think It is a good idea to have this because this is security, You can choose which users have the access to certain stuff, this is a lot of control you have and can protects your system, resources and information. The benifits of this is, you can give people certain access, if you want to grant people access you can, if you want to grant privilages you can, then again if you dont want them to have access or privilages then you can stop them from doing so, i think this is good to have control and privacy.