How to Choose the Best Gazebo for Your Home

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Your home and garden designers may be miracle workers for your house, but they are not fortune tellers. Of course, the success of beautifying your home depends on how effective you have relayed the design that you want. Your designer will then help you polish it.

So to help you find what type of gazebo you’d want to have for your home, here are some basic guidelines on selecting a gazebo. Who knows? You might be your own home designer in the end.

Step #1: Choosing the Gazebo’s Material

There are three types of gazebos based on material that are usually available in the market.

1. Wood Gazebos

Wood is indisputably the best and most commonly used type of gazebo in many gardens. Wood gazebos are proven to be the most durable types of gazebos. In fact, cedar is highly recommended for wood gazebos as it can last for 35 years.

Furthermore, wood, of all materials, is closest to the feel of nature. It then creates a refreshing and relaxing feeling for your garden.                                      

2. Metal Gazebos

If you have Spanish- or Mediterranean-inspired outdoor furniture for your garden, you can adorn it with metal or rustic iron gazebos to complete the effect.

In some cases, metal gazebos with a more modern theme are used for public parks, since they are difficult to vandalize and can withstand forceful pressure. However, these gazebos need to be re-painted or re-coated with wax at least twice a year to prevent rust formation.

3. Vinyl Gazebos

If you have a tight budget, you can opt for vinyl gazebos as they are cheaper and easier to install. However, they are not as durable as wood or metal ones.

Step #2: Choosing the Gazebo’s Design

Once you have already chosen a material for your gazebo, you can start considering how it would look like. To help you choose, here are different designs of a gazebo.

1. Pop-Up Gazebos

Pop-Up Gazebos, by context, are among the easiest to install outdoor furniture, as seen in this photo:

Their portability and versatility make them good investments, especially if you are the type who often goes out-of-town or if you are just living temporarily in your place.

Most pop-up gazebos can be made of vinyl or metal. Some pop-up gazebos may have wind vents as additional feature or extendable braces for height adjustment.

2. Hexagonal Gazebos

Hexagonal gazebos are more structured and are usually made of wood, like the one featured in

It has earned its name for its distinct six-sided shape. These are usually the classic types of gazebos. They can also be made of metal similar to this photo featured in

The design of a pergola is similar to that of a greenhouse—a structure where just sufficient sunlight streams from above. Most pergolas are made from wood and accentuated with crawling vines for a more closer-to-nature effect. suggested the use of pergolas similar to this photo if you want to create a deck for your garden.

Now that you know the various types of a gazebo, you can mix and match various elements (e.g. Metal Pop-Up, Wooden Pergola) to limit your choices to what you really want.

So, what will you be getting?

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