By: Jason Huynh

Prescott with hair as dark as the night sky, Prescott of eyes that glow of emeralds, Prescott whose busy doing pillars of homework, is a teen with dreams that run wild in his head, walks to a place where apartments are made, cares for his little brother while his parents are at their jobs, works around the house while his mom is busy paying the bills, runs through the streets trying to avoid trouble, collects his things to be prepared to go through anther terrifying day of school.

Prescott, who strives to become a very educated man to support his family. Helps his dad with work outside the house while his mom is busy with his brother. Pushes himself to work harder so he can pursue his dreams, Because he appreciates his work he has done, because his parents expect him to be successful in life.

Prescott inside is shy like the moon, far away from everyone. Inside that . Inside that mysterious mind of his, is the student that makes people think. Walks to the bus so he can go home, Jogs to his friend's house to finish a project due the next day, rushes back to his house to help his mom cook dinner, goes out to the porch to stare at the sunset as the sun disappears into the horizon, sees peace in his neighborhood as the night approaches as his stressful day ends.

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