Make Your Life Better Than Most People

By Doing What Successful People Do

January 13 - 17, 2013 at 10pm-10:45pm

You’ll hear success stories of people who’ve written down their plan for their life --and how those plans came true. Here’s the catch: They’ll show you their written plans! Yes, documented!

Yes, you’ll hear from :

1. Jan 13- Monday -Macky Masilang, an young entrepreneur who’s got 80% of his written dreams come true already

2. Jan 14-Tuesday- Keng De la Cruz, a “ordinary” married employee who already lives in her dream house in her dream village

3. Jan 15-Wednesday -Janica Moscoso, a OFW who just resigned from her job in Singapore

4. Jan 16-Thursday - Mannix De Duque, an IT guy and a military man who’s dreams of travel have just begun

5. Jan 17-Friday - Jones Mancilla, a virtual assistant who wrote a very specific number on her notebook that was almost impossible when she wrote it.

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You'll Unlock the Secret To Marketing Using Video Story Telling

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Prizes at stake are as follows :

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5. pay full price PREMIUM but bring 1 friend who pays 50% for premium seat [live and webinars included] (worth P9,475)

6. Moleskine notebook to write your dreams on (worth P750-1,000)

7. a really nice pen to write your dreams with

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