A group of friends go up to a boy who wants to be friends and start teasing him and making fun of him. What would YOU do if that was your friends?

If this were my group of friends i would defiantly not go with them, or go along with the plan. I would try and talk my friends out of it the best i could, maybe go up to the boy and talk to him, ask him to be friends. I would be mad at my friends and tell them its not the right thing to do. Think what would you do if you were that lonely boy.  If you support somebody who is bullying they wont stop. Never bully anyone its not the right thing to do.

Thousands of kids get bullied everyday, No one wants to get bullied its not nice at all even if your just kidding. If your friends ask you to come with them and make fun of another kid, think twice and try to talk your friends out of it you never know what the bullied person is going through.

1. If you and your friends do noting about it, it shows the bully that he can get away with it.

2. Confront the bully, tell a adult.

3. They're wont be many bullies because they know they can get caught and that people are standing up for the victim.

4. Bullies will think that no one likes what he/she is doing and wont be friends with them or maybe wont talk to them.

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