My Life Plans

This is just the begining!

When I get out of high school, I want to get a job as an electrician and do some carpentry on the side. As a electrician, I would get good benefits, good wages, and I like dealing with electric. Therefor I would have a pretty satisfying job!

I would really like to work for the company "Mon Power". It is an electrical engineering company that works on power lines and stuff like that. It is a really big named company and has tons of employees so I will have to set my goals high and shoot for the stars.

Electricians usually gain career training through apprenticeship programs. Some electricians may begin the training process by attending a classroom-based vocational program or serving as an electrician's helper; however, these electricians often go on to complete apprenticeships.

I would probably gain this information at a trade school. I have several trade schools in mind. It is not college but is just like college. One of them is in Ohio, and it is a two year training school. The other is a trade school in Buchanan WV. It is also a two year trade school. The name of it is the Fred W Eberle Technical Center! The name of the other one in Ohio is NCST's Electrical Technology Program!

Some objects I might face on the way to reaching this goal would probably be gas money to get back and forth to school. That is one big problem. Another is that I would be a good ways away from home. I wouldn't get to see my family a whole lot.

Anyway I would over come these by staying in a dorm there, and coming home on the weekends. I wouldnt get to see family a lot, but at least I would get to a little, and save my gas money.

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