Ancient Japan

Today's Japanese fashion is that in the pic. It's called street fashion. Ancient Japanese fashion woman long gowns made of 12 layers of colored silk cleverly cut. Today's Japanese fashion is not 12 layers of silk. Oh my that would be hot like the sun right on u.

The Japanese nobles took great core with how they spoke and wrote. Can u guess how the greatest writers in early Japanese history? It was Lady Murasaki Shikibu. She has a long name, my name isn't that very long. Her writing is clear and simple but graceful at the same time. Did u know some nobles held parties at which they took turns writing poetry and reading their poems aloud to each other.

The visual arts is one of my favorite things about Japan. The most popular art forms of the period were painting, calligraphy, and architecture. Many of the greatest painting from this period illustrate scenes from literature each as The Tale of Genji. Also another popular forms of art in Heian was calligraphy,or decorative writing.

The architecture in Japan is a beautiful thing also. They greatly admired Chinese architecture and modeled Heian after the Chinese capital, Chany'an. Gardens are popular in Japan. Gardens will always be popular in Japan and the US. The nobles surrounded them with elegant gardens and ponds.

I love performing arts. It's my favorite thing ever. The Japanese has one of the most awesomest performing arts in my personal opinion. The roots of latter Japanese drama can be tracked back to this time. People often gathered to watched performers by, musicians, jugglers, and acrobats. Did u know that these performces were wild and fun? Created in the 1300's,Noh plays combine music,speaking, and dance.

Now there religion is not like ours and it doesn't have to be. The nobles religion reflected their love of elaborate rituals. Did u know that most of the common people in Japan, though equally religions, didn't have the time or mono, for theses ceremonies.