The Black Church (Not being racist)

Back in the middle ages, also known as the Age of Faith, the church was much different than the church we know today. The church was greatly affected by the Bubonic Plague, the Black Death, but it still was bad before.

During the black plague, there were less people and very little people bought goods. That caused a surplus in grains that would not get anyone money. The shortage in money caused nobles to become worried about living in wealth. Even though that is true it wasn’t just the nobles, it was also the clergy of the Church. The church also had a surplus in grains and they couldn’t get any money so they resorted to doing what the nobles did, they sold serf’s freedom. Since they could sell serf’s freedom that means that they had serfs in the first place.

Something else that was different is how the church treated Jews. You many think about the prejudice that some Christians have now but that is nothing compared to what the church did during the Bubonic Plague. The church literally tortured Jews for information and even made a Jew confess to causing the Bubonic Plague as an attempt to take over the world even though it wasn’t true. After that and even a little bit before that people thought that Jews were the cause of the Bubonic Plague, which science has proven false, even if towns without Jews were getting the plague. What made even less sense is that people blamed Jews for poisoning wells. After that Christians started a series of violent attacks on Jews raiding their villages and throwing them in barrels down rivers. What’s even worse is that Christians burned Jews if they didn’t convert.

After learning of what the Church did during the time of the Black Death most Christians must be very surprised at how much the Church has changed. The Church was a lot more violent towards Jews. They forced Jews to convert and burned them at the stake if they didn’t which is something that ->most<- Churches don’t do. The Church also doesn’t have serfs now but they used to and they sold serfs for money.

In conclusion, the Church has changed a lot since the Age of Faith in ways that are unimaginable to Christians today.


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