Racheal Mcadams

Presented by: Madison Olney

When was she born? Where was she born?

Her Full name is Racheal Anne McAdams, She was born november 17, 1978, in london. And lived in Ontario Canada. For short her nickname is Rach, Racheal Started competeive figure skating at age 4. She discovered acting at age 12 when she went to go see a childerns theatre group performance, she told her mother "she had to be in it and if she wasnt shed die". Through high school she performd in local plays, and productions. She went on to study theatre at york universty in toronto. Where she performed in several stage and student film productions.

Carrier Kick-Off!

Her carrier kicked of in 2001 starring in the disney series "the famous Jet Jackson". But her first job in the U.s Was "the hot chick" by rob schiender. McAdams played a title role in a hit teen movie mean girls (2004) written by saturday night live alum Tina Fey. That same year she played the main female role in the notebook, capturing the eyes of the public in boths films winning two MTV Movies awards in 2005.

Shes been in many box office movies:

  • Wedding Crashers
  • the family stone
  • The time travelers wife
  • sherlock holmes
  • the vow
  • and the notebook(:

Racheal McAdams as Regina Geogre in Mean girls

Racheal as Allie with her co-star in The Notebook

Racheal McAdams in "The Vow" with Channing Tatum.

Intresting Facts!

  • She was offered a role in both iron man and the dark night but turned the offer down.
  • Shes an vegetarian.
  • Ranked 8th in Canadian Business Magazine annual celebrity power list in 2006.
  • She likes shopping in vintage clothing stores.
  • she had to wear a wig and fat suit in mean girls.
  • Beat reese witherspoon and ashley judd in getting the part of allie in the notebook.
  • she was born in st.josephs hostpital the same hosptial as her costar ryan gosling in the notebook.
  • her favorite color is purple.
  • won award for best kiss in the notebook at the MTV movie awards in 2005.
  • This year she had a nomination for best dramatic actress at the people choice awards.
  • she starred with channing tatum in the vow.

above is racheal mcadams autdion tape with ryan gosling.


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