Chapter Five Project: Rotations in Sports

By: Marie-Sophie Ausch & Vicky Skala April 28, 2014

The goal for our chapter five project was to select a sport (we chose freestyle snowboarding) and analyze the turns done in the sport by giving the magnitude. Another thing we did was find pictures and videos of the turns. We also made a sketch of a routine we made up.

We will now be describing our routine and giving the magnitude of the turns. Our snowboarder starts by snowboarding over a small hill. Then he does two counterclockwise full turns in the air (so 360 x 2) which is 720 degrees so the magnitude is 720 degrees.  Next he goes over a ramp and then does another full 360 turn counterclockwise. So the magnitude of that is 360 degrees. Lastly, our snowboarder goes over a tiny hill and does a turn. This last turn also goes counterclockwise and is a 360. So the magnitude of that turn is 360 degrees.  Also, all of our turns are positive.

We made a diagram of a snowboard. Looking at this diagram from the top, the right side is the toeside, the back is the tail, the left is the heelside, and the front is the nose.

We also drew a diagram of a snowboarder and labeled all the parts.  

Here is a picture of some of the turns and their magitudes.

Above we combined three 360 turns and got 1080 degrees which is a very complicated turn.

This is us working on our project together!

  1. We really enjoyed working together! Since we are friends we also liked spending time with each other. Comparing to working alone, working with a partner was actually more fun in mathematical terms. We also enjoyed doing the computation together. Vicky enjoyed writing the most and Marie-Sophie enjoyed drawing the diagrams and routine. We chose freestyle snowboarding because we didn’t know much about it, and we wanted to learn more in this project. Analyzing the turns was a little hard for us at first, but after we talked to Ms. Lemos it was much easier for us. We loved working on this project and we hope you enjoyed it too!

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