Civil War Journal

By Bianca Bergamasco

Journal Entry #2

Bianca: I’ve been through the mill and played out, I really need to grab a root.

Brittany: I am fit as a fiddle but a bit played out.

Bianca: Skedaddle and go grab the Arkansas Toothpick for the sawbones.

Brittany: I can’t believe how many hornets that man was hit with but he will be all hunkey dorey.

Bianca: I heard that the pepper box he was shot with was top rail #1.

Brittany: He really is hard knocked but I think I’m going to get some joy juice. Possum, are yah coming with?

Bianca: Sure, possum I will be right there. Let me go get my wallet.

Brittany: Do you have the greenbacks?

Bianca: No, I spent it all on the goobers.

Brittany: Darn! I think I had too much bark juice.

Bianca: You do look pretty wallpapered.


Journal Entry #1
  1. What is your name? (Look up popular names from the Civil War era).


     2.   Where are you from?

I am from North Carolina.

     3.   Describe your life at home.

I do housework and care for my children.

   4.   What side will you serve on during the war? Why?

I am serving on the Union side because I believe that slavery should be prohibited in the US once and for all.

   5.   What rank are you? (...?)

I am a woman disguised as a man in the military.

 6.   Do you have any family?

I have a husband and two children; a boy and a girl.

Photo Prompt- Color:

PP- Color: This is a picture that is unusually color instead of black and white.

Journal Entry #3

Hello Husband,

This camp has been very hard to set up, but we got through it. It took all of us to set up this tent... it took a while, but it turned out great. As you can tell, me and my group of friends are finally disguised as men. In the picture above, I am in the middle; 3rd down from the left. :) We set up our camp in the forest, on the grass. We have one big tent in the middle of the camp so we aren't seen easily. Today was a normal day. I woke up, ate some bread. Almost the whole day, we planned on our next move in the war and drank wine. As you can tell, my friend loved his dog so much that she couldn't leave it behind. After we were done with planning, we gathered our weapons and handed one small gun to each man/woman to carry at all times just in case we get attacked out here. Hopefully we won't though. If someone took two guns instead of only one, they would have to hold up a big sign that says thief and they would have to spread mud all over their face. Tell the children I miss them and will be home soon.

                                                                                                                       Love, Florena

Journal Entry #

I am a woman

I have a husband

But for this war

I will fight for the Union

The only way I can do that

Is be dressed as a man



I will do anything to fight


for the Union


You might just think

I am a North Carolina woman

who has a family

But I like to dress up as men

and fight




Slavery is wrong

It is too cruel

Do I think it should stop

Yes I do


Photo Prompt- Fun:

PP-Fun: When we have free time, we like to play dominoes outside our tent.

Journal Entry #

Dear daughter,

At camp, we like to pass time playing cards or gathering our weapons and making sure they are all loaded and ready in case anyone finds us here deep in the woods. My favorite food has to be these delicious crackers named hardtacks. The ones with the worms and weevils. Those bugs give the cracker so much flavor, I just can't get enough of them. We can make them when I return. All you need to do is add flour and some water. Then you bake it in the oven. I miss you and I will be home soon.

                                                                                                                   Love, Mom

Journal Entry #7

At my camp, I see a lot of people get lice. We cure that by burning the lice-infested clothes in a pan (the same pans we use to cook food... ew). Many people also died of typhoid fever, lung inflammation, dysentery, and a few died of childhood diseases.

Photo Prompt: Battle
PP- Home: Most battles were in the South, so my house wasn't destroyed.

Journal Entry #8

I got home after 3 years of combat. When I got home, my parents told me that my 3 brothers were also in the war and joined 1 year after I did. I didn't know that, but the worst part was that they all passed away within a month of being there. Right now, my only family is my husband, mom, and dad. I am trying to think on the bright side... at least we won the war. At least my parents and husband and children are alive. At least my house isn't destroyed since I live in the North where almost no battles were fought.

Soldier Selfie:: My apperance at home, vs. appearance as a soldier.

Journal Entry #4

Jeremiah Handley Interview Questions

1) Jeremiah, when you chose to _enlist close to home and fight for the Union_,

what caused you to make that choice?

I made the choice to fight for the Union because deep down inside, I knew it was the right thing to do. Yes, I did grow up with slaves working on my family’s plantation. But I can think my own thoughts and make my own decisions as I get older, and this was one of them.

2) Jeremiah, looking back what is something in your life that you are proud or

happy about?

I am proud and happy that I made the decision of staying home to care for my mother. Although she eventually died of the disease, I was happy that I got to spend the last of her days with her and I am very proud that I tried my best to save her.

Photo Prompt- Morning:

PP- Morning: This is what I see in the morning when I wake up.

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