Nicole, Caleb, and Elisha

Conservatism: belief in private property rights and free enterprise are cardinal attributes of contemporary conservatism

Strengths: favor tax cuts, believe sole functions of government should be to protect the nation from foreign enemies, preserve law and order, enforce private contracts, encourage economic growth by fostering competitive markets and free and fair trade, and promote family values. Favor dispersing power throughout the political and social systems to avoid an overly powerful national government. Emphatically pro-business

Only difference is that social conservatives focus less on economics and more on morality and life style. Strong desire to impose social control; seek to preserve traditional values and protect the institution of the family.

WEAKNESSES FOR BOTH: say they want a small government, but will urge more government when it serves their purposes, example: to regulate porn and abortion. opposed to government when it serves anyone else. Great faith in market economy, puts them at odds with labor unions and consumer activists. Some people criticize them for embracing the idea that if the rich pay fewer taxes, they will spend and invest more, and the benefits of this increased economic activity will "trickle down" to others including the poor

EXAMPLES: George W. Bush, Senator Jim DeMint, Ronald Reagan

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