Requiem of the Masses

By: Hannah H, Paige, Morgan, Ethan, Lenai, Hannah B

  • Syntax:
    • Where does the song use pauses, repetition, parallelism and/or unique sentence structure?
      • Requiem aeternam, requiem aeternam is the first and last line of the song.
      • Mama, mama, forget your pies
        Have faith they won't get cold
        And turn your eyes to the bloodshot sky
        Your flag is flying full
        At half mast, for the matadors
        Who turned their backs to please the crowd
        And all fell before the bull
        • This is the chorus that repeats twice throughout this song
        • Parallelism
  • Details:
    • What is the subject of the song?
      • A memorial to his wife who recently died.
    • Does it tell a story or declare a message?
      • A prayer for the deceased that they would be raised on the Day of judgement
  • Diction:
    • What three words most impact to the overall feel of this song?
      • requiem, black, white
    • How are musical devices (instrument choice, pacing, rhythm, vocals, etc.) used to enhance specific words' meaning?
      • There is repetition and emphasis with the words black and white
  • Imagery:
    • uses words that provokes visual imagery throughout the song, with direct use of colors and words that give a direct image.
    • Also by attaching descriptive words to the lyrics. Some of these words are; Bloodshot sky, black and white, lifeless skin, blood flowing, matadors
  • Tone:
    • Use this list of tone words to describes the tone of the song’s music.
      • Despairing
    • Use this list of tone words to describes the tone of the song’s language as revealed through imagery, syntax, diction, and details.
      • Miserable, Hopeless
    • Symbolic Visual

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