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Venture Capital funding has the potential to provide valuable financing for your company’s growth.

Whereas venture capital funding can be a superior source of financing for the proper business, it might be wise to bear in mind that it is not viable in all instances. Nevertheless, should an enterprise finds the genuine need of cold, hard-cash infusion, it can offer precious support.

The choice to make use of this form of financing must be accompanied beforehand with a calm evaluation of the capacity of your business to provide what the investors giving this form of finance will be expecting to attain.

In short, the main goal of venture capital investors is to achieve huge return from investment in your firm. This means that they will often impose strict requirements and demand that you submit them prior to release of funds.

From our experience, the criteria of most venture capitalists seem to center on the following:

  • Does your company manufacture or promote a rare, innovative product or service which will be expected to appeal to a huge demographic?
  • Can your freshly-financed venture seriously challenge the position of leading firms in your particular market?
  • Is the general financing of your venture within the range of $500,000 and $5 million? Will this ease the normal function of the enterprise and be adequate to deliver the product or service to its targeted market?
  • How easy will it be to make your market demographic to become aware of your distinctive product or service?
  • Is the service or product liable to involve rigorous customer support?
  • Will your product or service be able to generate gross margins above 50%?
  • Do you and/or your management group possess close familiarity and awareness of the new product or service? Do they have prior experience in running successful ventures?
  • Is your business realistically competent in attaining gross yearly revenues of $25 million within 3 years of drawdown of the proposed venture capital financing?
  • The ability to confidently say YES to the last question is of overarching significance to venture capital lenders. They will want to attain considerable return on investment and the outlook of a deficit in this criterion will be unappealing to them. If you are uncertain whether your venture can address this requirement, it would be prudent to search for other options such as small business funding.


    DP Consulting Business Consultancy offers an assortment of tailor-fitted solutions to satisfy the business needs of clients involved in the development or delivery of intricate programs or initiatives.

    Often, these enterprises requirements are apt to derive from the investment needs and accompanying risks which directly affect our client’s programs in today’s modern macro-economic milieu.

    As investors in their enterprises, our clients require knowledgeable, industry-focused counsel to support their financial decisions, whether they aim to enhance returns or reduce risks.

    Be it in the public or private sector, eventually our clients look for enhanced business performance to add value and to promote their competitive position in the worldwide market.

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