Aquarium Project

by: Fallon  Carleo and Hailee Hartfree

Angel fish:

The angel fish is a very peaceful fish. They like plants with slender leaves. Angel fish need tanks 30 gallons or more. They can sometimes be aggressive with certain fish.

Spotted African Leaf Fish:

The spotted african leaf fish needs water that is around 72-82 degrees. With the same sized fish, they are pretty peaceful. 30 Gallon tank is the approximate size for this kind of fish. African leaf fish need some place to hide. We bought a cave for that.

For the medium tank, we did lots of work to find the volume. This tank requires 15 bags of gravel. The volume of gravel is 10,800. The volume of our tank is 46.875 gallons. The cost of 15 bags of gravel is $82.50. To have the right amount of gravel for a medium tank, you need 2 inches thick of gravel. Our receipt for the whole cost of everything is on a piece of paper. The equation is 2a + 2b = $27.96

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