Audio broadcasting

Session one

In session one we learned how a radio station operates. We also introduced to a various radio program formats. Last we learned how to use a digital audio editing software program.

Session two

In session two we learned the role of advertising plays in radio. We also used digital audio editing software to record and apply effects to a pr written commercial. Last we write and record a commercial of your own.

Session three

In session three we wrote three news story and an additional one if we wanted to. We also wrote a commentary about are news story's. Last we wrote an entire introduction to are newscast.

Session four

In session four we recorded an introduction to are newscast. We also recorded  three news stories. Last we recorded a commentary.

Session five

In session five we created music lied ins and music lead outs. The music lead ins and lead outs was for are news commentary. Last we fixed any problems that were wrong with them or any problems that we did'nt like we got them out.

Session six

In session six we completed the lead in and lead outs. We also created additional musical files for are broadcast.

Session seven

In session seven we assembled the media files we created in session one and two. We assembled them into the final broadcast file. We burned the the final broadcast file to a CD.


This module will help you with like if you want to be an music person. If you like to burn stuff into CD's then this will be a good module for you to look at. I thought this module was fun even tho we didn't get to build anything. If you like to make fake littel commercials then come to audio broadcasting and you will

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