1-2.) Momentum is the quantity of motion of a moving body, measured as a product of its mass and velocity. (p=mv) #momentum

3.) Conservation of momentum is, in the absence of outside forces like friction, the total momentum of objects that interact does not change.

4.) The "p" in the equation takes the place of momentum because the "p" is the product and the product=momentum.

5.) A heavy truck and a small motorcycle can have the same momentum if their force is the same because if a truck is heavy and moving slow and a motorcycle is small but moving fast then when they hit a wall they could have the same amount of force, or momentum.

6.) A sticky collision is when two or more objects collide and when they collide, they stick together. While a non sticky collision is when two or more objects collide but one object keeps moving and one stops, now at rest.

7.) This picture demonstrates a non sticky collision, or an elastic collision because when the two balls hit, they move in opposite directions, not staying stuck together, due to the absence of outside forces like friction.

8.) This picture demonstrates a sticky collision, or a sticky collision because when the blocks collide they stop and stay stuck due to outside forces such as friction.

9.) Throwing a piece of clay on the ground would be a sticky collision because there would be an outside force, gravity, on the clay pushing it to the ground so it would stay in place.

10.) Angular momentum, or rotational momentum is a measure of the amount of rotation an object has. This would have to do with outer space because the earth and all the other planets rotate so they their amount of rotation would be measured by angular momentum.

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