Use this flag as an accurate model.

-popsicle sticks
-paint: red, white, blue (or markers)
-card stock or cardboard
-adhesive magnet or string (to hang flag)
-white star stickers (optional)

Step 1:

Gather your art supplies.

Step 2:

Lay Popsicle sticks out into a rectangular shape like a flag. (You will need about 8 sticks.) Cut a cardboard rectangle that is about the same shape as the sticks.

Step 3:

Lay newspaper on the table for painting. Paint half of the sticks red, and the other half white. Then break or cut (with help from your HF) two sticks in half to paint blue. Let sticks dry.

Step 4:

Glue Popsicle sticks (in correct order) to the cardboard rectangle.

Step 5:

Option 1: Stick or glue magnets to the back of your flag.

Option 2. Add string on the back of the flag to hang.

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