Keyword Search

How do you use words when searching the internet?

To get the best search results choose keywords carefully. The more precise the keywords the more accurate the search.

Go beyond Google. Use a variety of search sites. It’s easy to get in the habit of using only Google or But if you rely too much on these sites, you might miss some other great resources.

Use multiple, specific, descriptive keywords.

Try synonyms. Searching rare cats, for instance, can use synonyms such as exotic cats or rare felines.

Use quotation marks. Searching for the president’s residence should search “White House” rather than white house.

Use a minus sign before a word to show you don’t want it included.

Pay attention to URL domains. The URL domain can be found at the end of a website address, and it tells people what kind of organization they are dealing with. Companies usually aim to sell products or services, while organizations, educational institutions, and government entities usually aim to share knowledge and improve communities.

.com = company

.gov = government website

.edu = educational institution

.org = organization

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