Material Science Engineer

By: Lauren Melancon


  • Develope, process,and test materials used to create different products from computer chips to snow skis.
  • Work with metals,ceramics,plastics,composites,ect.

Requiered Skills

  • Some skills include: Analytical, Math, Problem-Solving, Speaking, and Writing
  • All these skills are required for this job because you have to be good at all of them to excel at the job.

Educational Requirments

  • Bachelors Degree from ABET(Accredited Enigineering Program)
  • Passing score on Fundamentals of Enginnering exam and Professional Engineering exam
  • The University of Washingtion offers a degree in Material Science Engineering

Salary Expectations

  • Starting salary- $85,150

Future Outlook

  • There were 23,000 jobs as of 2012 for Material Science Engineering
  • There is a slow growth rate, but many jobs are needed


  • Material Science is popular right now
  • There is a wide variety of jobs
  • Small college class size

Similar Carrers

  • Chemical Engineer
  • Biomedical Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer


I chose this carrer because I love to make and test things. I think this job would be a good fit because it has a lot of things i love to do and I think I would enjoy this job.

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