Wonder land

The perfect society

~Palm Bay Appartments

10 LAWS: You shall not harm the community.

You must contribute in some way to the wellbeing of your neighbors.

Quarrels may be settled in a fight without consequence aslong as there is no weapons.

Education: Schooling in Wonderland is run by young adults that after finishing schooling themselves want to go back to help mentor the next generation into becoming the perfect people, if from the start of our lives we were shown everything there is and explained how it all comes into play we as people will have a deeper understanding of the lives we have.

Classes: General English, Math, Science, and Construction courses. A Wildlife course and a Hunting class are required for completion of Schooling. My communities schooling will be different from the schools we have now because it will be run by people elected to be teachers of the children, you must attend schooling for ten years, no kindgarden required. If one wishes to continue schooling after school, there will be public course books on various subjects in the library for checkout to continue your education.

Families: Utopian families will be families from outside the community that have shown their worth and proven that they can make a difference in the community once that has been proven they are welcomed into the society, after that the families can disband into each their own home to make family communities in the community. Families will be run by each person individually every person should be separately in charge of keeping eachother on track to keep the wellbeing of the family while maintaining privacy. Amount of children you may have is upto you. Each person can make their own choices on who they want to spend their time of their life with.

Housing: Every person except for children has their own house at the age of 16 you are instructed to construct a layout of a house of your liking to have it constructed by each person of the community. The homes are Constructed around bases of trees, ex. all four corners of the house are tree trunks.

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