"Never trouble another with what you can do today"

By Thomas Jefferson

I Believe

I believe in the power of never giving up,
the right to keep trying,
the courage to try,
the freedom to do so,
the way of life,
courage,independence,pride of trying,
But I don't believe in giving up on the first try.
I believe in going on after failure,
I believe in trying at least twice ,
I believe in going against the odds,
honor , strength of trying, completion,

And I believe in getting up after being knocked down because something better is right around the corner if you never give up.

The Words I Live By

My credo is to “Never trouble another with what you can do yourself”. It means you can always do something yourself no matter what you say. That you shouldn’t trouble other with what you can do yourself.

I adopted this credo from doing some thing by myself a lot of the time. I heard this from Thomas Jefferson. I just adopted it from him. Because its something that you live by and not worry about breaking the credo.

These beliefs are important because to me if you didn’t do something yourself and go ask someone else.The person should have just managed their time better they could have done it before.That is why it’s important to me.

I do think that my credo will change over time.I think that it would change form this something totally different from my original credo.I will be older and wiser. I would have seen more of the world.It will lead me to do things on my own and I would learn to use my time better.

It can help people manage their time better. I wouldn’t challenge others to do this because people will be people, and they probably won’t try to follow it.It would be beneficial because you could learn to manage time and keep to certain goals.

By Thomas Bartlett

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