Charlotte Bullock

Photography Portfolio

The Hunter

This photo was particularly difficult to take because i had to avoid the lines from the cage.

Crimson Bird

I like the contrast of the bright colored bird and the dull water.

In the Swamp

I made sure to use rule of thirds with this photo because of the vines in the backgraound and the ombre effect from the rock.

Sister Love

I like how natural this portrait looks.

Musical Muse

I like how the lines in this piano are all going different directions, making interesting to look at.

The Circle of Life

The colors contrast very well in thes picture.


All of the colors are neutrals except for the legs which makes them pop.

Indian Shadow

I like how the table is so detailed and the shadow created a mysterious mood.

Vine Portrait

The vines in the background of this portrait makes this picture look more natural.

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