involvement in criminal justice

What is Physics?

> A science that deal with matter, energy, motion, and force.

HOW is Physics involved in Criminal Justice?


Physics helps find the path the bullet took, height, and speed.

(Newton's Third Law) - if the gun and shooter are at rest then the force is equal

1)Gun Ballistics
             -the time the bullet leaves the gun to hit the target


The size/shape of the blood splatter on the surface can determines the size of the wound

"Investigators can also judge the energy used to force the blood into flight"  This can help them see how hard the strike was.  The higher the energy = the smaller the blood splatter. You might also be able to determine the direction the strike came form.

3) Car Crashes

Investigators can use physics to determine the momentum.

"The greater the speed the car, the greater the force acting on the car passengers"

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