zooming  like  a  bullut

As I wait stiffly for my opponent to serve. I’m bent down ready. I taste the sweat slithering down my face. ‘Uck’! i say to myself . A few minutes later she flings the ball upwards then strikes the ball . The Ball comes towards me. The crowd goes mental. I look at the green court and the ball coming towards me. I also see the burning sizzling fire in her eyes. She has a clenched fist.

My eyes are wide open. The fuzzy squashed ball comes whizzing towards me. Then I start to think fast. Then twack. I swing a impressive hit . As soon as I hit the ball I get a massive shock . But… its still a powerful hit though. It went zooming like a bullet. Than the ball hits her in the face. ‘Ohhh. 

I see the ball hit her in the face. I look closer and her nose is turned up like a poaka kinikini. Her head has flicked up. ‘’Ohhhhh ”thats gotta hurt the crowd says. I feel thrilled and amused that I won. I look closer. Then I see her fall to the ground. She starts to scream. Im starting to feel nervous. So I rush over to see if shes alright. I jump the net. Aaahhhhhh dooooog I eat it. Now both of us are crying. I taste victory. but I'm feeling like a bully.

By Daytona Thompson

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