Operation Attempt to save your Home Country from Complete Americanized Totalitarian Takeover but America goes back on their Contracts and Treaties and Shoots you in the Face.

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Groups Involved:

The Peasants (my group) started with 0 MSUs but had 2 votes each an election occured.

The Guerrillas started with 60 MSUs and no votes and were enimies of the Rich & Wealthy

The Rich & Wealthy started with 200 MSUs and 1 vote each and pulled the government's strings

The Current Government started with 20 MSUs and was being controlled by the Rich & Wealthy military. They had 1 vote each.

The United States of America started with 60 MSUs and held many secret powers, as we found out, including calling an election and takeover.  

What Happened

Month 1: Month one started off with the Rich and Wealthy teaming up with the USA. The Rich and Wealthy relinquished 100 of their MSUs so the United States would have the power to Silence. Immediately, the USA silenced their own leader, Travis. I took advantage of this leadership gap by jumping in and promising three-way alliance. Now, all 260 MSUs belonged to the peasants. Then, we silenced Brandon, the Rich and Wealthy leader and the day ended. The Current Government was trying to appeal to us, suggesting desperate offers to get our votes, but the peasants were strong enough now to suppourt their own candidate. The Guerillas were internally fighting, and one peasant did join them because he did not agree with the Rich and Wealthy. The rest of us allied with the Rich and Wealthy for the power, not our morals.

There are a few real-life themes here. The first is that people will go against what they believe to gain power. Even though the Rich and Wealthy oppressed the Peasants currently and our goals were more lined up with the Guerillas (Overthrow the Current Government), we chose what made us powerful. Another important theme cutting the head off of the enemy, killing their leaders. The first move I made as the leading power in Guatemala was to make sure I got rid of the leaders from the other groups so the people I governed were weak. The fact that I did this in Month One is interesting, because it would be done to me in the end.

Month 2: Month Two started by me proposing a treaty, a lot like a Constitution, in which we create a Republic with shared MSUs and powers that could only be enacted by three out of four groups having a majority. It also outlined a vote for President that let everyone have just one vote. My group instantly signed, but I was met by immediate resistance from the headstrong male Guerillas. They took Military Offensive against the Peasants, but they lost 30 MSUs. We now had 290. Then, they started to rip my treaties until the Supernatural All-Powerful Higher Being ordered it to stop. Then, I built up signatures. While I was rewriting my treaty, the United States and the Rich and Wealthy pulled out from our three-way alliance, but soon signed on to be a part of the United Guatemalan Republic. I actually got the majority from the Guerillas because the majority was the peaceful females, who had just been bossed around by the men. I also got some connections in the Current Government to sign. This went until the end of class, so I didn't have time to turn it in.

One of the themes in this month was rebels being headstrong. The goal of the Guerillas had shifted from instating a fair government to rebelling against everything. Some of the Guerillas were thinking logically, but the leaders were just caught up in rebelling for the sake of rebelling. This occurs a lot in the real world. When two people get in a fight, they keep being angry just to be angry. Us compulsive human beings rarely ever step back and ask why we do the actions that we do. Also, I noticed that the headstrong Guerillas (the males) got their way because they shouted louder. The ones thinking didn't advocate even though they were actually the majority.

Month 3: In Month 3, there were no Military Offensives because the female Guerillas actually shared their opinions and outruled the males. Then, two treaties were handed in, right after another. The first was mine. The second was from the United States, declaring Takeover. I thought I had the game in the bag since the US gave up that power when they signed my contract, which got there first. But, the United States just went back on what they said and took over anyways. After a brief deliberation, they killed me because I spoke out the most and tried to take their power, and then the other group leaders. This is where I was the head of the Republic, and was chopped off. The United States implemented Travis as leader. Then, we flashed foreward 8 years and had an election. David Pierson won it, but in the name of the martyr that was me.

The themes in Month 3 are, I think, the most important. The United States going back on their agreements is nothing new. We did it Iran, we could do it in Guatemala. This leads to people hating us because of our Power Abuse. We say, "Well, we're the most influental nation in the World, so we can get away with anything."In our simulation, the US did just that, and, guess what: people were mad because they just had the Republic taken away from them. Someone said they want to kill the United States. That is how everyone else feels around the world when we have done this kind of thing.


I stated how the power shifts, but for what reason? The power shifted in our simulation because people were following differant leaders, and when they were fed up, they ditched them. The United States followed me, until they realized I took their power, and then they killed me. Earlier, the US also followed Travis, but silenced him when he got on their nerves.

Another reason that power shifts is that groups of people ("the oppressed") will ride up against the rulers. The rulers then become lower in class, and then they become opressed and rise against the new rulers.

Conflict vs. Cooperation

Both of these words occured in our game. Here are some examples:

Cooperation- Trying to create a Democratic Republic, talking with other groups, and groups rising up against a higher power.

Conflict- The Guerillas attacking with their Military Offensives, the Guerillas ripping apart treaties, and the United States enacting Military Takeover.

The Effects of Power Shifts

The effect of a Power Shift on a nation could be both good or bad. Sometimes, a Power Shift can mean a Democratic Government installed, but takes the lives of others, like in the French Revolution when the Queen and King were beheaded. And then, someone took advantage of this power and proclaimed himself Emperor: Napolean. He then oppressed the people again. So, his group rose the power to strike down opression, but then just became the opressors themselves.

I have to say, I may have ended up as a Napolean if the US hadn't taken over. I would have highly probably won the election. But, as you know, power corrupts. Trust me, I know. The primary intent of my treaty was to take the Takeover Clause from the United States so then we would have an election that I would win. It was the only way possible for me to obtain the power, and if I was the US and wanted power, I wouldn't have bothered with Democracy. I feel that I would have siezed the power and become the opressor myself.

How This Ties Into Daily Life

The main concept that ties into my life is the concept of people arguing so much tha they lose track of what they're arguing about, like the Guerillas. Whenever the Guerillas got the oppurtunity to fight, they fought for no reason whatsoever. Many people do this two, especially girls that I know. They get in one fight with someone, and all of a sudden they are both mean to each other just for the sake of being mean! Like the Guerillas, they never step back and wonder why they are doing what they are doing.

Peasant Leader Hayden Stinson
American Tyrant Travis Fischer
Guerrilla Supreme Leader Warhol
Government Leader Jasmine Cuenca
Completely Emotionless Rich and Wealthy Leader Chloe Pachoca


If the game had kept going, I'm sure that the United States would have taken over again. Travis would have just had "elections" and then say that he was the President. He would kill all opposing him. The future looks quite bleak for the country of Guatemala.

Power Shifting in my Life

The perfect example of power shifting in my life is inside my Boy Scout troop. The old Scoutmaster was grouchy and didn't let the kids do what they thought was fun and forced the Patrol Leaders' Council to do knots instead of anything remotely interesting. He was like the United States, just forcing all of the kids (citizens) to do what he wanted (even though his favorite motto was "Boy Lead"), and noone even wanted him there in the first place. He had two cronies (a husband/wife pair). The wife went around bullying the kids one moment and then being sickly sweet the next. The husband was just bossed around by his wife and always insisted on doing these boring presentations.

One day, someone decided to do something about it. After fight after fight at the commitee meetings, the Scoutmaster resigned. Then, there were two people who wanted to be Scoutmaster: The boring husband and the current Scoutmaster. They yelled and fought and threw fits, until the commitee said it was enough and the current Scoutmaster would lead the troop.

With this Power Shift came increased cooperation. Since the new Scoutmaster is fair and okay in the head,allof the kids like him. Also, the current Scoutmaster changed what it means to be the Scoutmaster in our troop. He willingly shifted the power over to the kids, and with that, happy "citizens" were made. This Scoutmaster chose to be a good United States, using his power to help the not-as-developed, boy-lead "Guatemala"

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