Moon Project   

Max Vitale

The moon can be seen in day as well as night

First moon landing was on July 19 -July 24 1996

Rsvp for Little Timmies 1! Birthday
We are going to the moon cost $1539869.99

Events for the day: leave 6:00 am to the moon arrive 12:00 there will be food so don't pack lunch  1:30 go to see american flag on moon 2:00 go back to space ship and let Timmy unwrap his presents after that its cake time  3:00 its space game options are space golf , corn hole,bad mitten

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Klimkowski 2 years ago

What will be doing there?

DRosinski 2 years ago

Ch 1 Earth moon and sun

Section#1:Earth in space

key concepts: #1 How does earth move in space,earth move around in space in a rotation and revolution around the sun. #2 What causes earths seasons,The earths orbit around the sun causes the seasons it tilted axis depend on what season it is

Section#2: Gravity in motion

Key concept: #1 What determines the strength of force of gravity between 2 objects,The amount of mass/matter determines the amount of gravity. #2 What 2 factors combine to keep the earth and moon in orbit: The suns gravity keep the earth in place and the pull also crates our orbit for the moon it does the same thing but instead of the sun its earth.

Section#3: Phases,Eclipses and tides

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2 years ago

Looks good so far!😃 😃

2 years ago

looks good man and i am the only one going to the to the moon with little Timmy try to work on it a little more though and take a look at the rubric it will help you a lot

2 years ago

Cool video at the end. I love it!

2 years ago

Max, this incomplete and you are missing multiple elements!😬