The Odyssey

Many Adventures, Many Possibilities

Odyssey ~ "a long journey full of adventures"


The student will be able to

  • Identify different career options
  • State at least 2 different career options that interests them
  • Research career options to discover the training/education required
  • List at least two local colleges or trade schools in their area
  • Compare different career choices
  • Explain the importance of exploring different career options

                            Can you name colleges or trade schools in your area?

Maplewoods Community College

Devry Technical School

Wright College

Kansas City Art Institute

Le Cordon Bleu

University of Missouri-Kansas City

Paris Cosmetology

Vatterot - Auto mechanic training

(2-3 minutes)


{write responses down on board} (5 minutes)

Let's Find What Interests You...

{career interest inventory} 10 minutes


Websites __worksheet search  15-18 minutes

(Let's take a look together at a veterinarian)

(show example then individual work time)

Wrap it up...discuss their findings with students (5-10 minutes)

So where will your journey take you?  Imagine the possibilities!

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