The Westhafen Tower

By Kelly Tuxpan

The Westhafen Tower is located in Frankfurt, Germany. It was designed by the architects Schneider & Schumacher and completed in 2004 with 34 floors total. Its name literally translates to "West Port Tower" because it was one of the first buildings in earlier West Port.  

Diagram w/ dimensions

Surface Area and Volume  

Fun FactS!!!

Silk - ~$13.99 per yard squared // 13,938.66735 meters squared = 16,670.515 yards squared

It would take $233,220.50485 to cover the whole Westhafen Tower in silk.

Average American height = 5'4 1/2" // 109 meters = 357.61155 feet

It would take 67.47 average americans stacked on top of each other to be as tall as the Westhafen Tower

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