D2L Brightspace - Grader App

How to set up the 'Grader' App for your iPad

A Few Ideas:

1. Download all the files from a single dropbox to your iPad so you can mark on the go without the need for a wifi connection (just make sure you 'sync' your feedback when you re-establish a connection!)

2. If a student wasn't successful at a specific concept, provide a link in your feedback section to a tutorial video/lesson so they can refresh quickly and easily

3. Try to use different colour highlighters to indicate different issues with their assignment (ie. yellow for spelling & grammar, orange for improper citation, blue for needing further information, green for awesome!, etc.)

4. Write major overall feedback in the 'Feedback' box because it will show up on the students 'Grades' page.

5. You only have 5 minutes to record audio (max), so jot down some important points first so you know you cover those.

6. When you first log in, cancel the sync when the app loads if there is marked work that you are not ready to share back to students. Otherwise, it will automatically upload any marked work back to students even if the teacher is only part way through marking the class set of assignments.