Celebrating Earth Day!

Take one of me home with you:

Start with basic elements of seeds, soil, and place.

A recycled calendar: the tetrahedron is made from an old calendar which had beautiful pictures of creation for each month.

Combine these ingredients and put in places where people can discover a piece of art and take home an opportunity to connect with creation. It is awesome to ponder our relationship with other living things and realize our common needs. It is a mutual relationship that places a demand on us. Plant these seeds. Tend and keep this earth. Steward the life God grows in these seeds. Enjoy the gift they offer!

Public Integrative Statement:

Lead by scattering seeds of experiential education in communities where faith and God's creation are grounded in wonder and integrated in life; celebrating God's work in small unassuming ways.

This Tackk was conceived as a project for Education 2, a class at Luther Seminary, taught by Dr. Mary Hess focusing on Education in relation to Creation.

Keith Walka


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