~~My life~~ by Karina H

What my family thinks about me

Mother:Karina is a girl with wonderful feelings, always concerned about other people with superior intentions on learning musical instruments. Has a great imagination since she was a child. She is a loving, tranquil, and a non-aggressive daughter beloved by her family.

Father:Karina is a girl who spends a lot of time thinking about the wonders around her, both in nature and on cyberspace. She has a family that loves her and will soon be sharing their combined life experiences that will greatly benefit her. The beauty of it is her mind which will love and understand. Her musician skill is a talent that she is nurturing and will guide her and serve her greatly.

Sister:Karina is an amazing sister. She is incredibly caring and selfless. Whenever she can help you, she will do her best. Karina is passionate and does everything to the best of her ability. I love her so much and would do anything for her. Karina will go very far in life without a doubt.

I remember when my sister started listening to different types of rock. I began listening to them with her on free time. After months, she went to her first concert and I was upset because it was another interest of mine but I was okay with it for a little. Now, almost all the music I listen to is rock thanks to my sister. (picture is from my sisters first concert)

My goal is to be as good on the violin as these people <3 listening to this makes my heart jump around!

The thing I enjoy the most is Minecraft because I can meet so many people on it and I get to learn how to play multiple different games on it. Right after I eat, I come to the computer and put loud music on while I play mc. It makes me hyper because the table is shaking and some really good dubstep is playing while I defeat other people on the game. My mother thinks I'm crazy because I laugh really weird when something funny happens on the game. I don't think people think a lot about the people on there but I do. I'm very social on it and I make many friends on it. When it comes to losing them, I become very sad cause they mean so much to me.

This is what I call music ^

Who else loves to stare at the stars at night? Well, me and my family do this every time when we go camping! Its just beautiful and amazing. Its cool to know how much galaxies are really out there.

Hopefully this was good :D Thanks for viewing my tackk! #curleesclass2015

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