An issue presented in the documentary affecting contemporary society?

An issue presented in the documentary is definitely obesity, but one of the most shocking issues was that the kids were shown pictures of important people in the world like George Bush and Jesus the son of God and they didn’t even know who they were, but they knew who the characters of Mc Donald’s e.g. Ronald Mc Donald.

Another issue was with the three ladies attempting to sing there national anthem and it took at least three times it sort of sound like the song, and when Morgan asked them asked them to sing the Mc Donald’s song and they knew all of the song and said it perfectly and said it really fast.

This can prove that kids aren’t getting enough education or being taught the right way/correct way, it might be that people watch too much television and memorise all the adverts and don’t do enough homework to learn more, Mc Donald’s spend heaps of money on advertising as well, Mc Donald’s spend about hundreds of millions of dollars on advertisement.

Mc Donald’s have been investing money into cars or scooters to transport food to house from there all new Mc Donald’s delivery system, this also makes the buyer more lazy by walking down to Mc Donald’s you could at least loose the amount you will gain from the Mc Donald’s, but buy getting your Mc Donald’s delivered you will just gain more and more pounds by the amount of times you eat Mc Donald’s and get it delivered.

By eating Mc Donald’s it can cost a lot and cost a lot to pay for substances to lose weight, like you’re paying at least fifty dollars to feed a family and on top of that to buy like weightwatchers or something to lose weight which cost eighty dollars a month for weight watchers which cost way too much, so that means you will be paying nine hundred and sixty dollars a year for weight watchers.

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