Captured Syrian APC roles through the Raqqa providence

The War Against ISIS

They have been around since 1999 but, became better know late 2014. Who am I talking about? The Islamic State of Iraq & Syria.

After the Syrian Civil War began in 2011 and American troops pulled out of Iraq the same year, the conflict began.  Both nations were under a state of vulnerability.  The group has become infamous for brutal killings - beheadings of foreign aid workers, journalists, and must notable, burning a pilot alive.  There has been a dispute between how to fight the group.  The groups goal is to establish a new Caliphate and institute Sharia Law in their territories. As of 2015, sixty countries are engaged in the fight against the group - either via airstrikes, supporting smaller militias fighting ISIS or training Iraqi Army or Police members.  European nations (England, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Spain) have all sent troops to train Iraqi forces or aircraft to take part in airstrikes.  Canada, Australia, and the United States have all sent troops to train Iraqi troops or take part in airstrikes.  Russia and Turkey shocked the international community when they both declined to send any form of aid.  

After being deemed a credible threat, the U.S. (around 2014) and its allies began to launch airstrikes against the group.  Currently, those living in civil war-torn Syria and unstable regions of Iraq are the ones affected.  In early 2015,  after two shootings in France, the group has shown even out of the conflict zones (Iraq and Syria) no one is safe.  These "lone wolf" attacks can be credited to the groups influence and ability to recruit individuals over social media.

As for the foreign nations intervening, this fight is being fought with airpower.  Either airstrikes or limited Drone strikes.  For ISIS, they are fighting a war with brutal offensives, mass killings, and suicidal tactics.  The Islamic State enters villages after overrunning local resistance, they then occupying the city.  If believers of another faith other than Islam live there, that is bad news.  The group has made it clear on their stance on religions other than the Islamic faith - they do not condone it.  Christian have been the main target - a mass genocide of Christians has caused a mass exodus to "safer" regions.  

The cause of this conflict comes from two unstable nations - Syria and Iraq.  Both nations are unstable because of insurgency and civil unrest.  

Unfortunately, ISIS does not want to negotiate.  The group wants to restore the caliphate from the Ottoman Empire times.  The only possibility would be ending foreign arms aid to the Iraqi forces - if that happened ISIS would take over all of Iraq.  The Islamic State believes their actions are peaceful - they want to restore the caliphate and are ready to do whatever it takes to achieve that.

ISIS controlled territory as of late 2014:

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