Powerful Adaptogen -- Ginseng

Often time the whole plant is consumed together but the root is the highest prized part of the plant that contains the richest source of adaptogenic molecules. The major active compounds in ginseng are ginsenosides which are saponin molecules in the roots of the plant. These saponins contain a 4 trans-ring rigid steroid skeleton. The various ginsenosides are referred to as Rb1, Rb2, Rb3, Rc, Rd, Re, etc.

Ginseng enhances the overall circulatory patterns in the body which brings fresh oxygen to major regions and improves cellular energy production. It also helps calm and balance the adrenal function allowing for optimal stress hormone release. This mechanism has been shown to improve blood sugar signaling in individuals with diabetes and boost energy levels in those with chronic fatigue syndrome.

It has also been thought to strengthen the digestive system, facilitate liver regeneration and detoxify poisons. It also boosts red and white blood cell formation and has the ability to prevent or help to eliminate anemia and improve immunity. It also enhances blood flow to the brain which reduces inflammatory neurodegenerative states and improves creative thinking and memory.

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