Movement of water

  • -Geohydrology is the study of the movement of the water underneath of earth.
  • Geohydrology is important because it does deal with ground water which is our drinking water and it is important to know where the water comes from thats for our every day use.
  • It can take place out in the field where people can look for new water underground or look for existing water. Also it can take place in a lab where you can do tests and record data on the water.
  • Education to work in this field includes - Earth science, calculus, General computer applications, Geology, Physics, Environmental Science and Science Technology and Engineering.
  • The people working in this field can be employed at any of these places - United States Geological Survey, Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, Flood Control Organization, Private consultants, and Municipalities.
  • Hydrologists can make an impact on society by getting the water she need for our every day use.  

Luna Leopold

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